Ping Ling Leisure Farm

Shuangxi Tea Farm

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AddressNo.35, Waipinglin, Pinglin Vil., Shuangsi Dist., New Taipei City
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Besides being richly endowed with natural resources, the owner of Ping Ling Leisure Farm also runs and organizes its facilities with great care. As for its natural resources, the farm is rich in its ecological system and is segmented into ten ecology themed areas, including fern plant area, orchid breeding area, color-changing leaves trail and others, allowing you to communicate with Mother Nature at ease physically and spiritually. In addition to that, you can also discover rarely seen Taiwan blue magpies, insects and butterflies at the farm, making visitors feel amazed at natural wonders. As for rural sceneries, the rural village experience area at the farm was built by completely imitating rural villages of old days and is equipped with keel water lift, kilns and other agricultural tools, allowing visitors to experience the daily life of their grandparents. As for ecological tours, Ping Ling Leisure Farm has professional docents that will introduce the plants and animals of the farm with simple languages so that visitors can learn to cherish Mother Nature more. The farm also provides many DIY activities, such as straw weaving, making yam rice balls and aiyu jellies, and painting insects. Visitors can also barbecue, stay overnight, and challenge the various health tracks here at the farm.