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AddressPingshuang Highway, Pinglin District, New Taipei City
OpeningOpen all year round


“Beishixi Bikeway” was once elected as the most beautiful and shortest bikeway in Northern Taiwan, where one may admire the magnificent sceneries of the stream and tea gardens along the banks of the Beishi River, with a total length of about 2.3 Km. The entrance to the trail is located at approximately the 1K position on the “Ping-Shuang Highway” (under the viaduct of Pinglin Interchange next to Pinglin Traffic Control Center). Following the broad bikeway and pedestrian path along the banks of the Siakengzihkou River, there will be tour guide sign boards along the way, introducing the bird species and fish species commonly seen in this area. The end point to the bikeway and the trail is the “Chasiangdi (Tea Aroma Area) Camp Site”, and it is about 40 minutes of walking one way from Siakengzihkou to Chasiangdi, which is suitable for family hiking for all ages because of the smooth terrain.

One may witness the “Tea filed bicycle viaduct” unique to this area when visiting “Beishixi Bikeway”, as well as the magnificent mountain and water sceneries treasured for thousands of years, which is extremely healing for both body and spirit.