Pumpkin No. 3

Pinglin Tea Farm

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AddressNo.3, Jingualiao, Pinglin Dist., New Taipei City
Opening11:00-17:00 Close on Monday and Wednesday
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Pumpkin No.3 is an establishment created by the hands of two young travelers who fell in love with the tranquil nature of Pinglin during a rare occasion. Since they chose to settle in the country side, in a land of tea plantations, the two tried to associate a connection between the local culture, industry and natural resources. Pumpkin No.3 offers an aesthetic appreciation in living style that integrates food culture and natural experience. In many ways, it contributes to the local community: the farm stay promotes agricultural produces, plans vacations for in-depth experiences and strengthens rural tourism in the tea county. Here, travelers experience a meaningful journey of learning, and at the same time they spread the word to more people to know about this forgotten paradise and to create a brand-new style for the home of tea.
Our services:
1. Travel planning for visits to the tea plantations and tour enquiries.
2. Fusion cuisine reservations
3. Custom travel planning for organizations and business clients
4. Literature exhibition and accommodations for talents exchange

Note: Services in English are available