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AddressNo.88, Chongqing St., Yingge Dist., New Taipei City
Opening10:00am~19:00pm Closed on: Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month
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from the United States Razor Crazy Cart all over the United States is setting off a boom! Children, teenagers and adults are very fond of emerging sports.

The Most fascinating charm of the is that it creates a drift-like flick through a power wheel, four free steering wheels, and a trailing lever, Crazy Cart is a famous American manufacturer of skateboarding brands Razor the design, advertised can be multi-angle horizontal, oblique driving, also because of driving through the mini exquisite design, so can easily make drift tail play, which also let the operator most fascinated by the characteristics.
The operation is also very simple and clear, pedal throttle, hands on the steering wheel, with a helmet, you can rest assured that the open play, Crazy Cart gradually from playing karting to children to a size can play with the karting, slowly become holiday friends of the new leisure, but also can be comfortable pressure mood of the new hobby, because the body is heavy about kg, so as long as adult adults weigh in this range, in fact, can challenge their new interests, regardless of both men and women, release the usual pressure, the previous popular online game kart is no longer just online karting, because in real life, we can have their own drift kart! to Yingge life Plaza 3F