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AddressJinshan St., Rueifang Dist., New Taipei City
OpeningOpen all year round


Jinshan Street is one of the representative old streets in Jiufen, and it is also the old street in Jiufen region with the most thriving commercial activities; it is a winding, narrow old street with an average width of less than 3 meters.

The meaning of “Jinshan” is that it is located next to “Keelung Mountain”; it starts from the entrance to the old trail by the foot of the mountain, then winds up to the Daganlin region along with the mountain to join Cingbian Road with an overall length of close to 850 meters. It was formerly known by the name “Anjiezai” based on the following three possibilities:

(I) According to the seniors, there were only two public street lamps with five-candlepower light bulbs used on this entire road in the past, therefore the entire Jinshan Street used to be dark, and hence the name was created.

(II) During the heyday of Jinshan street, the period from afternoon till midnight is the peak hours where miners with high spending power gather, and stores became brighter as the sky gets darker, people sang and played all night long, and the street became more like downtown as the sky gets darker, hence the name was created.

(III) Since Jiufen rains a lot, people often get wet by the rain, hence stores on Jinshan Street started to build roofs for people to hide from sunshine and rain, this gradually became a trend, making to the entire street appear dark without sunshine, hence the name was created (many of the stores on Jinshan Street still keep this habit).