Fuguijiao Park

Shimen Park

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AddressFuguijiao Park, Shimen District, New Taipei City
OpeningOpen all year round


Located in the ocean terrain in the area of Laomei, between Fuguijiao and Shimen Reef, there are abundant special coastline landscapes, including ventifacts (wind-carved rocks), stone reefs, sand tunes, etc. The Fuguijiao Walking Trail in the park is paved allowing people to appreciate the beautiful oceans cape while walking along the coast of the cape and enjoying the sea breeze. The smooth trail is not long and it's ideal for family outings.

Walk along the trail that connects to the Fuguijiao Lighthouse, Fuji Fishing Port, Laomei Community and etc., Fuguijiao is Taiwan's northernmost cape, and there are facilities with Fuguijiao Walking Trail for you to stroll in the sea breeze along the coast to appreciate the ocean view close to the cape. A smooth trail with a fair length is a scenic spot suitable for family outings. The geological landscapes along the trail are mainly the wind-carved rocks, and Linshanbi is visible in the far distance. Along the trail, tourists can reach the Fuguijiao Lighthouse, Fuji Fish Port and Laomei Community. In September and October, the International Kite Festival will be held in Shimen and people are welcome to fly kites in Shimen.