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AddressNo. 32, Zhenli Street, Tamsui District, New Taipei City.
OpeningAccording to the time of Aletheia University


The Presbyterian Church" was built in 1997, and its exterior design adopted the Gothic style while the interior is mainly designed with traditional elements. It has a total of 10 stories, three underground floors, four floors and a three-story roof. In order to highlight the Christian doctrine style on the architectural aspect, there is a repeated use of the pointy-arched shape that symbolizes "humbly praying hands." Including the main body, windows and gates, all details are created in unique styles. In particular, Taiwan's second largest, 32 feet pipe organ is found in the church (it's second to the one installed at the National Concert Hall). It was Taiwan's first 32 feet pipe organ, which was handmade by the Netherland's largest pipe organ manufacturer - PELS & VAN LEEUWEN. Both the pipe organ and the church are the signatures items of the Aletheia University campus.

Located inside the campus of Aletheia University, the church was completed in 1997, a very amazing and magnificent architecture. It is free to visit the outdoor area; however, visiting the interior area should be in line with the opening hours of the church.