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AddressZhongzheng 1st Rd., Yingge Dist., New Taipei City 239, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


Yingge was named for a large outcrop shaped like a parrot on the Zhengbei mountain range. Yingge Rock, also known as “Parrot Rock,” is located on the ridge behind Yingge Town between Zhongzheng Rd. and Chenggong Rd. Legend has it that Koxinga was marching south with his army during the late Ming Dynasty when they came under attack by a giant bird near Yingge. Koxinga’s forces fought back with cannons and shot it out of the sky. When the bird hit the ground it turned into stone. The rock was shaped like a parrot so it became known was Yingge Rock. Fossilized remains were said to have been found in a cave under Yingge Rock. This gave rise to a variety of myths including the one about treasure being buried by the imperial Japanese troops.
Today, the hillsides around Yingge Rock have been turned into a forest park. Visitors can climb the steps on the trail to reach the top of the rock. The Yingge Rock observation platform offers superb views of Yingge’s streets and Dahan River.