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AddressNo.155, Baiji, Sanxia Dist., New Taipei City 237, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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The Baiji Xingxiu Temple is located half-way up Baiji Mountain in Sanxia and is a branch of the Xingtian Temple. It is therefore also known as the Sanxia Xingtian Temple or Sanxia Enzhu Temple. The temple, dedicated to Martial Emperor Guan Di, features tall pavilions and round pillars that imbue its simple appearance with solemn grandeur.
Xingxiu Temple is in a superb location nestled among the woods. In the spring, the mountains are covered with azalea flowers. In winter, the serene surroundings are decorated with plum blossoms. The stairs on either side of the temple lead to the mountain trail further up the hill that offers a relaxing stroll through the forest shade. There is also a pavilion formed by climbing vines. If you can make it to the top of the mountain, there are spectacular views of the pine and acacia forest. This is also why Baiji Mountain is considered one of the Five Sights of Sanxia.