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AddressSanxia Dist., New Taipei City 237, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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The Sanxia Arc Bridge is a distinctive feature of Sanxia like the Zushi Temple. Construction commenced on October 7, 1932 (7th Year of the Showa Era) and was completed on June 28 of the following year (1933). The bridge served as Sanxia’s connection with the outside world. The natural features of Sanxia are laid bare when standing on the Arc Bridge. Under the bridge is the Sanxia River, the town’s most important waterway. Look upstream and there are towering hills. To the right are clustered buildings that form the town center. The design of the bridge was based on the idea of three inter-connected rainbows so that it is also known as the Rainbow Bridge. The elegant construct was once Sanxia region’s main external link. The Rainbow Bridge has lost much of its importance now that water transport has fallen out of favor but it has lost none of its charm. At night, the bridge lighting highlights its classical lines and makes it seem as if Sanxia is lit by three glowing rainbows.