Beitouzi River Cherry Blossom Wood Trail

Tamsui Park

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Located in the vicinity of Zhongshan North Road, the Beitouzi River Cherry Blossom Wood Trail is about 3.5Km in length and is about a 3-minute walk from the Light Rail Danjin Beixin Station (V05), with the New Town Carrefour Commercial District, Civil Sports Center, and the Central Park in the periphery, making it the ideal place for civilians to take a walk in the night! There are over 100 pink Yoshino Cherry trees planted along the trail, were planted in 2011, and they attract many people to come to admire the flowers when they flourish prosperously in March of every year. There are many secret sites hidden in the Tamhai New Town. If you wish to arrange a simple jaunt on holidays, you can also ride on a bicycle to visit these places. Recommended scenic spots in the periphery include Huwei Cherry Blossom Avenue, Agricultural Hours, Tamsui Wuji Tianyuan Temple, Tangguo Vegetarian Cuisine and No Special Plan Café.