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The “Cheng Family Abode by the Gongsitian River” is a traditional house and a “historical building” within the Tamsui District, New Taipei City; it is located inside the Tamhai New Town area of the Tamsui District. The conservation of the building is intact, capable of demonstrating the characteristics of Minnan buildings and the cultural sentiment of the living environment during the recent century of Tamsui. The “Cheng Family Abode by the Gongsitian River” is located in Dajhuangbu by the Gongsitian River in Tamsui. The development of regions around the Gongsitian River can be traced back to the Dutch Formosa period and the Cheng Family Abode is the only remaining agricultural residence in that region. It is surrounded by a bamboo fence with canal water flowing by, hence it is the representative building for the three-compound section buildings in the ancient agricultural society. Its complete conservation allows one to witness the developmental history of the Tamsui region.