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The exterior of Jingtong Electronic Sky Lantern Pavilion consists of a 9-meter-high sky lantern-shaped glass curtain made with nearly 200,000 LED lights. The first floor is a public toilet, while the second floor houses a tourist service counter and a small restaurant. The third floor is a landscape viewing platform.

The building combines the characteristics of Pingxi sky lantern culture, and places them in the local landscape and skyline, like the auspicious sky lantern standing at the end of Jingtong Old Street, aglow with blessings for Pingxi! It is the first landmark you’ll see when entering Pingxi from the direction of Muzha Shiding along Highway 106.

Besides a light show every hour from 4pm to 7pm on business days, the Jingtong Electronic Sky Lantern Pavilion introduces the origin of sky lanterns and the local culture of Pingxi. It also provides customized "LED Wishing Sky Lanterns" for tourists. You can write or paste your blessings, wishes, or photos on the sky lantern postcards, and then go to the square to see your wishes rise into the sky on the huge sky lantern on the square—a completely different feeling from the conventional sky lanterns.

The LED sky lanterns cost TWD 150 each, and you can bring them back as a souvenir after scanning the postcard.