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Built in the first year of Tongzhi (1861) in the Qing Dynasty, the first temple was built. Han immigrants from China came to Taiwan to reclaim wasteland, and when they crossed the Heishui Canal, there were many obstacles: “ten go, six die” and “three stay, one goes back”. Thus, in their early days on Taiwan, many people needed the protection of a sea god.

The Baoping Temple worships Xuanwu of the North, which the villagers called their “land god”. Xuanwu, or Xuantian is the god who guards the northern skies. Like a lighthouse and the North Star, he can guide the navigation of ships at sea. Believers regard him as a trustworthy power who also has the divine power to cure diseases and bless the land around Pinglin Old Trail.

Constructing the early buildings of the Baoping Temple was very difficult, and the temple had only thatched roofs. Later, the villagers donated money to cover and remodel it. It is now a two-story building with a sun screen and rain shade. The birthday of the Xuantian god falls on March 3 of the lunar calendar and is now one of the most important celebrations in Pinglin District. The Lantern Festival is January 15 in the lunar calendar. There is a lantern parade held here. On October 27 of the lunar calendar, a drama and worshiping event for the end of the year is held.