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2018 Wild bird-watching in Guanyinshan - We love Guanyinshan!

2018 Wild bird-watching in Guanyinshan - We love Guanyinshan!
Organizer North Coast & Guanyinshan National Scenic Area Administration
Date of Event 2018/04/29 - 2018/05/06
Guanyinshan is the last mountain valley which migratory raptors stop by before returning to northern waters. The forests here are animals’ homes and they provide us with clean air to breathe, clean fresh water to drink, and stable land to live. This also make them important places for migratory birds to rest.

However, due to land exploitation, bad forest management, and people’s seeking a convenient lifestyle, we are rapidly consuming the Earth’s resources by a large volume. As a result, many forests have gradually disappeared, making survival more difficult for birds. It is said that “today, birds face a crisis. Tomorrow, humans will, too.” We must make sure that birds can survive now, so that we can also survive in the future.

For all migratory raptors and all living beings who live in the beautiful valley of Guanyinshan to thrive, this year we set the theme as “We love Guanyinshan.” Let’ cherish this place together and leave hope for future generations.
Address of Event Guanyinshan Visitor Center
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