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2018 Tamsui Fisherman Stage - Summer Indie Music Festival

2018 Tamsui Fisherman Stage - Summer Indie Music Festival
Organizer Tourism and Travel Department, New Taipei City Government
Date of Event 2018/06/23 - 2018/06/26
Time of Event The event time is from 18:30 to 20:30 on every Saturday and Sunday from 6/23 to 8/26 except 7/28-29 & 8/18-19
The music base of original music completely created by New Taipei City Government- Tamsui Fisherman's Stage will grandly kick off once again this summer!
With an audience loyalty spanning two years and rich energy, this year the event will be packed with more versatile music genres and more abundant programs along the Tamsui River. From June 23rd to August 26th (except July 28th and 29th, August 18th and 19th), every Saturday and Sunday night 6:30 to 8:30 pm, there will be more than 36 sets of independent music bands and original singers taking turns to go on the stage and bringing you the most exciting visual and audio experiences of the summer.

Multiple music genres performed at the same time
Independent music getting closer to the public
Thanks to the general public's great appreciation to Tamsui Fisherman's Stage, the event this year themed with "We Love Music!" will bring more music genres, including folk, hip-hop, Linban indigenous music, jazz, world music, all kinds of rock, alternative music, and punk rock etc. A total of more than 14 various genres; the music fans will be brought the most exciting visual and audio feast. On June 23rd, the first scheduled performance is "TOLAKU Band" and "Chucky", which the glamor of undefeated Rock music and will attract people's attention to Tamsui Fisherman's Stage at the very beginning of the event. "Chucky", the former vocalist of Soundboss Band and "TOLAKU band", both were ranked the top 10 best music band of the 1st and the 15th Hohaiyan Gongliao Rock Festival respectively. On the opening day, they will welcome music fans on site and give them the best summer sound of Rock.
On July 7th, the programs will be brought by the music band called "My Skin Against Your Skin" and the "TAiKo Electro Company + 17 Live". In addition to bringing the most popular electro music and punk music to the event, the surprising sparkle from the first-time collaboration of TAiKo Electro Company and 17 Live is also expected. Other amazing bands, including "Golden Brothers", a popular student group that won the champion of Taiwan Beatbox Battle Tag Team 2017, and "Seredau" nominated by Golden Melody Awards for both Best Album and Best Singer in an Aboriginal Language, and "EggPlantEgg" music band whose first album with versatile melodies and heart-felt lyrics was nominated by Golden Melody Award for four awards including Best New Artist and Best Musical Group. In particular, on August 11th, the signature heavy metal night at Tamsui Fisherman's Stage should be never missed. There will be more than 4 sets of heavy metal bands on stage going wild, so music fans who would like to experience impact and explosive strength should never miss their performances. On August 25th, the music bands "Crockers" and "Boxing", will be the grand finale to bring the most exciting and wild performances. During the 8-week long period, there will be a total of 36 sets of music bands performing at Tamsui Fisherman's Stage; with experienced musical artists and the activity host Apaoshi who will be the on-side guide to the music performance in each session. Tamsui Fisherman's Stage will fill your brain and ears with satisfaction all at once!

Fisherman's Stage marching forward to the campus for the first time Seeking of young men's new voice (Don’t understand this sentence)
In order to getting closer to the young audience, this year, it is the very first time that Aposhi has been invited to the campus to communicate with students and explore new stars with great stage potential for the Fisherman's Stage; also it's to promote the spirit of Tamsui Fisherman's Stage's supporting Taiwanese original music. This year, we've visited Tamkang University, Taipei City University of Science & Technology (TPCU) and Aletheia University and discovered many new potential voices; it's expected that they will stand onto Fisherman's Stage for a promising future; besides, the Art Director of Tamsui Fisherman's Stage and a famous artist- Teacher Akibo has exclusively invited the students of Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA) to create visualized forms of "Audio" music. The students adopted oil paintings to give the musical melodies new interpretations, such as "Jazz" is interpreted by humorous shapes and lines, "Rock ‘N’ Roll" is presented by the appearance of dragon slayer in three colors, black, white and red as well as an abstract ink painting in fluorescent and black colors. These creations have well depicted the spirit of innovation and they will be displayed on site for people's appreciation.

Original music X Original Art X Original bazaar = new experience for summer melancholy
Tamsui Fisherman's Stage is well known for the most beautiful outdoor performance stage. The overall design has been completely created by Teacher Akibo; in addition to the symbol resembling the spirit of Tamsui Fisherman's Stage and the Spanish mackerel installation stage as the landmark, this year, inspired by fisherman's village, an illuminating cargo container installation decorated with a fish-shaped logo and art lightings exclusively for accentuating the Fisherman's Stage can fully present the spirit of the local and create a unique atmosphere of summer music night.
Moreover, this year, the collaboration with the famous Creative Product Market, "Suki Lane", there will be an aggregation of professional craftsmen and innovative art display booths, including Taiwan's only alcohol-free beer Bolla that retains the aroma of malt and hop, purely handmade fresh fruit jam Rei'O, exclusive tie-in products of Fisherman's Stage "Hand Haabu Living" and "Lanlan creative". The general publics are invited to the bazaar opening from 4pm every Saturday and Sunday for a treasure hunting adventure. There will be food and beverages available such as icy beer, sparkling water, aboriginal-style barbecue on stone slate, kiln baked pizza and pop corn sold at the cargo containers that surround the venue. Besides the food, there is a point-collection activity "Let's go fishing" offered to each purchase for a lucky draw and winning a big prize!
The best solution of summer melancholy is coming to Tamsui Fisherman's Stage, in the ocean breeze and sunset, swinging with an exciting independent music performance for your pleasure and spending a wonderful summer night experiencing brand new culture of Tamsui.
Address of Event Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf
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