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New Taipei City Ho-Hai-Yan Gongliao Rock Festival
Tourism and Travel Department, New Taipei City Government
Every summer, music fans and bands descend on the long-awaited Ho-Hai-Yan Gongliao Rock Festival to experience the passion of rock and roll. Held since the year 2000, the rock and roll marathon takes place over several days, where heavyweight rock and roll bands from Taiwan and around the globe congregate in Fulong Beach. Whether it’s swinging to the rhythm of guitar music with the sea breeze blowing in your face or admiring the dazzling high-tech stage lighting accompanied by powerful, awe-inspiring beat of the music, each extraordinary performance attracts over several hundred-thousand music and band enthusiasts.
The rock festival adopts the marathon approach, where a band’s performance is followed by another band, consisting of mostly well-known domestic or overseas bands. There are also passionate performances by numerous underground bands to offer diverse entertainment for the fans and the festival also serves as a launching pad for emerging bands.