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Yeliu Religious Festival
JAN 15th of the Lunar Cslendar
Wanli District Office, New Taipei City Government
Legend has it that over a century ago, in order to protect the port Kai Zhang Sheng Wang, the main deity enshrined in Baoan Temple, called upon the Gods to cleanse the port of evil spirits. The aim is also to pray for favorable weather conditions, prosperity, calm seas, prosperity and abundant catch, therefore young, strong pilgrims are selected to carry the sacred sedan into the sea and jump over fire to carry on the heritage of this special religious ceremony.
The event has been declared a folklore and cultural asset of New Taipei City citizen in 2008. Over the years, it has evolved into a unique local event during the Lantern Festival in New Taipei City, where citizens are given the opportunity to experience the religious ceremony of “coming from water and going into fire”, savor the freshest seafood of the season and Wanli crabs. In addition, they can also participate in challenges to obtain limited edition souvenirs, join the queue to purchase some Japanese amberjacks or pray to the Kai Zhang Sheng Wang for blessing.
Other activities include the hundred people diving activity (held on January 15 of each year on the Chinese lunar calendar), body and spiritual cleansing (to welcome good fortune), deity blessing area, deity sculpture crossing the fire ceremony and abundant catch.