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Mazu Cultural Festival
Organized by various temples inside New Taipei City
In Taiwan, Mazu is one of the gods that have the most number of followers. Following the belief in Mazu, the rituals, folk legends, artistic achievement and festival customs now become one of the important Han cultural assets in Taiwan.
On Mazu’s birth day, that is March 23rd of lunar calendar, the Mazu Temple around Taiwan all have grand celebrating activities. With sounds of gong and drum, firing fireworks, how cheerful it is. It seems that every corner in Taiwan is all crazy about Mazu, and the New Taipei City is no exception. The Mazu Cultural Festival is organized in response to other celebrating activities around Taiwan. The activities in this cultural festival bring the public’s power of belief in Maza together, endeavoring to preserve and pass down this traditional Mazu Culture. The activities also include exhibition, photo competition, experiencing traditional custom, as well as art and culture party, from which tourists can fell the power of belief in Maza.