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New Taipei City International Drum Arts Festival
Cultural Affairs Department, New Taipei City Government
“Xiang Ren He Bell and Drum Factory” was founded by Master A Tu (1907-1973, original name Wang Kui-chih) over eight decades ago. Currently, the baton has been passed onto the hands of second generation master Wang Hsi-kun. Wang’s handcrafted drums have always been renowned for excellent sound quality and durability. After revolutionary improvements made by Master A Tu, who replaced the manual process of stretching the drumhead over the drum with a jack, the golden label of “Xiang Ren He” has been carried on for nearly a century, and it has been instrumental in the production and promotion of “Xinzhuang Drum”.
Since 2007, New Taipei City Government has hosted the “Drum Arts Festival” every May and June. Inspired by the theme of “Xiang Ren He drums”, myriads of static exhibitions, drum arts classes, arts performances and DIY experiences are organized to promote drum arts in New Taipei City. Furthermore, domestic and international drum arts groups are invited to design the Drum Night, Parade, Drum Power, Drum Tour, Drum Park experiential activities and Exhibition of Drum Culture. The festival is extremely popular among domestic/foreign performers and the audiences, making it an important stage for Taiwanese drum art groups to interact with other drum arts groups around the world, and it is also a quintessential event for drum arts enthusiasts.