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New Taipei City Hakka Tung Blossom Festival
Around February and March every year, a time when winter gradually changes to spring and the weather is still cold, 150,000 cherry trees bloom in the mountains of Sanzhi, Tamsui, Wulai, Xizhi and Shiding. The species of cherry include Yoshino Cherry, Taiwan cherry, Peony Cherry, all of which make New Taipei City’s spring more vigorous and romantic.
In order to make more tourists know about the beauty ofCherry blossoms in New Taipei City, the New Taipei City Government organizes special lottery and photo competitions in these five cherry areas. These activities also integrate local food and the scenic characteristics, so that tourists pay a visit to the cherry blossoms and have a wonderful travel experience. There are various species of cherry. In the season of cherry blossoms, the local township will organize shuttle buses, so that visitors can easily appreciate cherry blossoms without worrying about parking.