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New Taipei City Taishan Lion Dance Cultural Festival
Cultural Affairs Department, New Taipei City Government
Mt. Tai (Taishan) is the most majestic of the Five Sacred Mountains, since the lion is the king of beasts, therefore the combination of two kings – Mt. Tai and the lion – to create the “Taishan Lion Dance Cultural Festival” has transformed Taishan into the most iconic venue synonymous with lion dance culture in the country.
Since its inauguration in 2007, Taishan Lion Dance Cultural Festival not only merges local religious procession with the bustling ambiance of lion dance, it has also created a local lion dance culture closely associated with the lives of Taishan’s residents. The annual “lion dance competition” invites elite lion dance troupes from domestic and abroad to compete against one another based on international judging criteria in order to vie for the coveted Lion King title and glorify the spirit of “lion dance” in Taishan. In addition, the “Funny Lion LOHAS Carnival” comprises cultural & creative stalls, local gourmet delicacies and lion dance experiential activities, while the top three lion dance troupes from the “lion dance competition” are invited to participate in the Xianying Zushi Birthday Religious Procession Ceremony” held on September 18 of the Chinese lunar calendar.