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New Taipei City North Coast International Kite Festival
Shimen District Office, New Taipei City Government
Due to its unique geographical environment, New Taipei City North Coast is endowed with the special gift of “wind”. Over the past four to five decades, kite has always been a popular game for children in the Shimen and North Coast regions, because cattle herders were able to fly kites while they worked. It is also a common childhood memory for many people from the older generation.
The unique tourism resources and abundant wind in the Shimen District, New Taipei City has culminated in the flourishing kite culture. In 2000, the international kite festival was held on a trail-run basis, and the event grow in scale year after year, ultimately breaking the limitation of flying kites in the rain, thereby allowing the Shimen Kite Festival to gain international reputation. In September each year, seasoned kite flyers from all over the world gather in Baisha Bay, Shimen to put on a series of spectacular aerobatic performances that adorn the azure sky of the North Coast in an explosion of vibrant colors. Combined with artistic kite creation, kite DIY, kite street art as well as a plethora of amazing stage performances and competitions, the kite festival has become an international kite gathering with educational and cultural arts meanings.