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Taiwan Railways
The railway history in Taiwan can be traced to over 100 years ago in the Qing Dynasty. The unique railway culture brings fans of railway tours to visit Taiwan. Taiwan Rail has the most important railway network in Taiwan. You can buy tickets at train stations or book tickets online (railway.hinet.net) or via telephone (the number is 412-1111. Enter 333# after you dial in) and get the ticket at the counters inside Taiwan Railway stations or post offices nationwide.
The Main Line North Section and Yilan Line of the Taiwan Railways provide access to New Taipei City’s Yingge, Shulin, Banqiao, Ruifang, Shuangxi, and Gongliao. There is also the popular Pinghsi Line.
Tra Bike Trains
The zero-pollution cycling activity that combines Taiwan Railway and bicycle is promoted in response to increasing environmental awareness and the government's continuous promotion of energy saving & carbon reduction. Passengers can take the Tra Bike Train with their bicycle. After arriving at the destination, they can cycle following the cycling trails and enjoy the local scenery. With the combination of rail and bicycle, they can use different ways to enjoy the beauty in different places.