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Taiwan High Speed Rail
Ticket price and estimated travel time from all High Speed Rail station
Since Taiwan High Speed Rail started operation in January 2007, it has become a key form of transportation in Taiwan as the ride from north to south Taiwan only takes 96 minutes. Taiwan High Speed Rail has Banqiao Station in New Taipei City and Banqiao Rail Station and Taipei Metro are also operating in the same location. Taking Taiwan High Speed Rail to travel around the island can help you save a lot of time and give you more time to have fun!
Banqiao Station
No.7, Sec. 2, Xianmin Blvd., Banqiao Dist., New Taipei City
Operation Hours: 06:00 ~ 24:00
Basic rules
1. The early bird discount of are offered with limited quantity no later than 5-28 days before the departure date (including the departure date).

2. Tickets of the trains with early bird discount are sold at 65% of the original price upon purchase 5 days beforehand. 10% discount will be applicable to some specified trains except for early bird tickets of 35% off and 20% off discount. Passengers may refer to the early bird timetable on the HSR corporate website for details.

3. The earlier the passengers book, the greater chance they enjoy the 35% off early bird discount. If tickets with an early bird discount of 35% off are sold out, then tickets with an early bird discount of 20% off are offered. If 20% off tickets are sold out, then tickets with an early bird discount of 10% off are offered. If 10% off tickets are sold out, the discount promotion will end earlier and tickets at original price will be sold instead.
Class and ticket price for early bird discount
Early bird discount applies to Reserved Standard Seats and adult tickets only (excluding business class, non-reserved seats, preferential tickets, group tickets and other promotion programs).
Customer service
(Miaoli area: 4266-3000 Taitung and Kinmen areas: 4666-3000 Matsu areas and mobile phone: 886-2-4066-3000 )
Service Time: 06:00-24:00
Voice Reservation
(Miaoli area: 4266-0000 Taitung and Kinmen areas: 4666-0000 Matsu areas and mobile phone: 886-2-4066-0000)
Service Time: 00:00-24:00
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