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Express Bus
Some of the inter-district, long-distance shuttle buses need to go through non-city roads – such as the National Freeways – to speedily connect between townships and cities. These are called Highway Buses, which can even provide connections to rapid transit stations, and their fare prices equal those of city buses, which is most convenient. Other faraway scenic spots, such as Jiufen and Jinshan, can also be reached by bus, but fares and bus stop locations vary by operators. Travelers are advised to do Internet research in advance.
For those traveling by Highway Bus, it would be most efficient to start from Banqiao Bus Station or Taipei Bus Station, where numerous bus lines, by various operators, converge. Almost every notable scenic spot or tourist attraction can be reached by this method, giving you easy access to multiple sites.
Banqiao Bus Station
Banqiao Bus Station
Banqiao Bus Station, the main Highway Bus station of the Banqiao District of New Taipei City, is located at Xinzhan Road (Banqiao Dist., New Taipei City) – a road off Xianmin Blvd – with Banqiao Station (railway) on its west side. At Banqiao Bus Station, one may access Highway Buses operating between Taoyuan International Airport and Banqiao District, as well as between New Taipei City and any other destination of the country. Available bus lines at this station include those operated by Kuo-Kuang Motor Transport, Ubus, Aloha Bus, Kamalan Bus, Solar Bus, and Ho-Hsin BUS.
No.66-1, Xinzhan Rd., Banqiao Dist., New Taipei City
Public Road Buses
Some express bus lines run cross borders of administrative regions on highways instead of city roads to quickly connect different towns/cities. They always stop somewhere on the MRT system. The rates are the same as city buses and for this reason they are easy to ride. Some commuter buses go to further destinations, such as Jiufen and Jinshan; most are accessible from the public transportation system and the price varies by provider. It is best to go online to budget and plan your trip accordingly.
For those who choose highway bus, the easiest way is to go to New Taipei Bus Station or Taipei Bus Station where various bus companies are located. You can therefore go anywhere, including well-known scenic spots, without any difficulties.
National Highway Coaches
New Taipei City Bus Station is located next to Banqiao Rail Station. Coaches running on national highways depart from Banqiao Station to Taoyuan International Airport and other areas in Taiwan.
Taipei Bus Station
Taipei Bus Station is a multi-functional station that contains national highway coaches, Taiwan Railway, Taiwan High Speed Rail, Metro and Airport Metro. It is therefore an important transportation junction in Taipei. The bus station is located in between Civic Boulevard, Chengde Road and Zhongshan N. Road, close to Taipei Main Station. Passengers taking Taiwan Railways, Taiwan High Speed Rails or Metro can alight at Taipei Train Station and arrive at Taipei Bus Station via Zhongshan Metro Mall to R1 Exit, or via Taipei Metro Mall to Y1, Y3, Y5 Exit. For passengers taking buses, you can alight at stops such as Taipei Station, Chengde, Zhengzhou and Zhongxiao.
No.209, Sec. 1, Civic Blvd., Datong Dist., Taipei City 10351, Taiwan (R.O.C.)