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Taipei Metro
Red line, blue line, green line, yellow line, the metro connects the wonderful scenery of mountains and the water, as well as spots full of culture. Go to Tamsui to have some local snacks, visit historical remains and take a little walk in the shopping districts of old and new Banqiao Station. Xindian has spectacular Bitan and natural trails. Zhonghe, Yonghe, Luzhou, Sanchong are also full of night markets, shops and delicacies. Just for one day, you can organize a substantial and interesting journey. You don't have to worry about traffic jams or spending time finding parking space. Each metro line, resembling the colorful dragon flying among different places in the city, not only brings convenience to your life.

MRT ticket is divided into single-journey ticket, one-day pass and a variety of tourist concession ticket packages (24hr, 48hr, 72hr) or EasyCard (deposit-based) to top up the value as you wish. The card can also be used in convenience stores and TRA to board trains. It can be purchased from various MRT stations, convenience stores with EasyCard sticker or EasyCard Corporation customer service center. Holders of deposit-based EasyCard are entitled to 20% discount for each MRT journey; for transfers between MRT and bus, NT$8 concession will be given for each journey.

In addition, Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation has also issued “Taipei Pass”, the first touch-and-go ticket for transport. Passengers are required to activate the card at the bus check-on kiosk or MRT turnstile before using it for unlimited rides on Taipei Metro and on Taipei City and New Taipei City buses (buses with Taipei Pass sticker, for more details please browse the EasyCard Corporation website) during the period of its validity.
Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation