Splendid New Taipei City is home to scenic mountains, forests, oceans, valleys, riverbanksand hot springs; bucolic farms and tea fields; and the traces of centuries of settlement. It’s ageographical and cultural treasure trove, with spectacular events year round: the Pingxi SkyLantern Festival, hailed by international media as an event that must be experienced at least once in your life; the Hohaiyan Rock Festival in Gongliao, a crucible for indie music; and Christmasland, with Taiwan’s tallest Christmas tree, all conspiring to make this city a prime travel destination. As public transport improves, day tripping has become a great way to embrace what the city has to offer: you can go to Yingge and Sanxia to experience traditional arts, to Tamsui and Bali to see how much diversity can be packed into a small town, to Fushan to experience nature in unspoiled mountain forests, to Pingxi to see the new high-tech sky-lantern-shaped police station, or to Pinglin to cycle through tea villages. Each short trip is unforgettable.