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City Bus
Currently, most buses in Greater Taipei accept both Easy Cards and cash. No change is available for cash paid into the ticket box. The bus fare is determined by the number of the ride’s “sections” of bus routes, which are categorized as “one-section route”, “two-section route”, or “three-section route”. Intersection points are set for bus routes based on the travel distance. The passenger is charged a two-section fare if the ride passes the intersection point. The adult ticket for one-section ride is NTD15 for adults and NTD12 for students (only valid for Student Easy Card). Passengers taking both bus and Taipei Metro with an Easy Card are given transit discount. Passengers taking a bus within one hour after getting off Taipei Metro are charged only NTD8 for adults and NTD6 for students.
List of routes for MRT/bus and bus/MRT transfer buses
Taipei Metro Transfer Bus
In order to help passengers identify the buses with access to Taipei Metro stations, buses in Greater Taipei passing Taipei Metro stations are named by the color of the metro line they access and a number. For example, Red 13 passes stations of the Tamsui Line (Red Line) and Blue 15 passes the Bannan Line (Blue Line).
Free bus connection
For the convenience of local citizens and to boost local tourism, the New Taipei City Government has established several free bus routes in all the districts. Some routes only function on holidays, such as Tucheng Holiday Bus. Some bus connections are established for some specific events, such as Tucheng Tung Blossom Festival Shuttle Bus. There are also normal buses, such as Xindian District Free Shuttle Bus.
Express bus
The Taipei City/New Taipei City express bus route travels between transit hubs of two cities via highways/expressways, providing citizens with fast, convenient and direct bus service. The route is designed to take less than one hour per one-way journey and avoids taking unnecessary turns or detours to achieve direct, quick bus service and materialize the benefits of express bus. The aim is to realize the goal of one-hour living circle between the two cities.
link for New Taipei City Government Bus Dynamic System