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In a bid to promote cycling as the short-range transportation tool among the public, Transportation Department, New Taipei City (hereafter referred to as organization) launched “New Taipei City YouBike System Installation, Operation and Management Program”. By combining urban bikeway network with bicycle rental stations, the aim is to encourage the public to make use of low pollution, low energy consumption public bicycles as the short-range transportation tool. This minimizes the ownership and use of private motor vehicles and achieves the objective of improving urban traffic congestion, environmental pollution, and energy consumption. In an effort to elevating the urban living culture and support the global energy conservation and carbon reduction trend, New Taipei City Government collaborated with Giant Bicycles Taiwan to launch the New Taipei City Public Bicycle Rental System Service Project called “YouBike”.
For rental details, please browse the YouBike website
Cycling Path
Cycling Path Name
Bali Left Bank 
Golden Riverside 
Left Bank of Dahan Riverside 
Right Bank of Dahan Riverside 
Along Xindian Riverbank 
Erchong Floodway Circle 
Xizhi-Keelung River embankment 
Pinglin-Jingualio for fish seeing 
Gongliao-Yenliao to Fulong coast 
Shenken-Arouyang Access Road 
Pingxi 106 Country Highway 
Shiding-Beiyi Highway 
Wulai Shinwu Road 
Wugu Guanyinshan Lingyun Road 
Zhonghe Hongludi Xinnan Road 
Ruifang Jinshui Highway 
City's Riverside Bicycle Rental station
1、Tourist stations
Car rental business hours
【Weekdays | Service available at noon】Wintertime 08:00~19:00、Summertime 08:00~19:00
【Holidays | Service available at noon】Wintertime 08:00~19:00、Summertime 08:00~20:00
Station name Tel Location
Bali Station  886-2-8630-5530  Inside The Left Bank Park, next to the Taipei County Sustainable Development Education Center 
Bitan Station  886-2-8911-8854  Xindian Bitan Scenic Area east bank parking lot 
Danshui Station  886-2-8978-5108  Square behind MRT Tamsui Station 
2、Weekday stations
Car rental business hours
【Weekdays,Lunchbreak 12:00~14:00】Wintertime 08:00~18:00、Summertime 08:00~19:00
【Holidays,Service available at noon】Wintertime 08:00~19:00、Summertime 08:00~20:00
Station name Tel Location
Sunshine Station  886-2-8978-5602  Inside the Xindian Sunshine Sports Park, next to the Sunshine Bridge 
Huajiang Station  886-2-2259-5499  Under the Huajiang Bridge in Banqiao 
Fuzhou Station  886-2-2275-1617   Under the Fuzhou Bridge in Banqiao (handcycle rental service available) 
Yonghe Station  886-2-2922-1750   Under the Zhongzheng Bridge in Yonghe  
Chenglu Station  886-2-8978-5600   Under the Chenglu Bridge in Luzhou (handcycle rental service available) 
Erchong Station  886-2-8982-7848   Inside the Erchong Floodway Waterfront Park 
Xinyue Station  886-2-8978-5603   Xinzhuang end of Xinyue Bridge 
3、Holiday stations
Car rental business hours
【Weekdays,Service available at noon】Service not available
【Holidays,Service available at noon】Wintertime 08:00~19:00、Summertime 08:00~20:00
Station name Tel Location
Sanying Station  886-933-787-500  Next to the bikeway near the end of Longyao Bridge (handcycle rental service available) 
Zhongxiao Station  886-2-8978-5606  Under the Zhongxiao Bride in Sanchong 
Longxing Station  886-2-2618-5788  Next to No. 7, Lane 386, Sec. 1, Longmi Rd., Bali 
Lujiaoqi Station  886-910-076-921  Next to the Lujiaoqi artificial wetland in Shulin  
Xizhi Station  886-2-8978-7367  Next to the Chengzhong pumping station flood prevention road (Near the rear of Sijhih Cathay General Hospital) 
※ Rescue center hotline: 886-2-8978-7685
※ Safety meeting is convened on the 3rd of each month, and service will be suspended for one day (the meeting will be postponed if the 3rd coincides with Monday or holiday)
※ Summertime: Apr. – Oct., wintertime: Nov. – Mar.
※ The rental service will be closed one hour prior to the business closing time.
※ Starting from April 1, 2014, in order to provide the public with more convenient service, handcycle may be rented in one location and returned to another location in either Taipei City or New Taipei City.
※ The service will be suspended during typhoon evacuation period.
※ For the latest information, please browse the website or refer to on-site announcements.
※ Cycling Life Style Foundation http://www.cycling-lifestyle.org.tw
※ The city’s riverside bicycle is only insured with product liability insurance and public liability insurance within the parameter of the rental station. Please obtain additional insurance yourself if necessary.
Tra Bike Trains
The zero-pollution cycling activity that combines Taiwan Railway and bicycle is being promoted in response to increasing environmental awareness and the government's continuous promotion of energy saving & carbon reduction. Passengers can take the Tra Bike Train with their bicycles. After arriving at their destination, they can cycle around following the cycling trails and enjoy the local scenery. With the combination of rail and bicycle, they can use different ways to enjoy the beauty in different places.