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Taiwan Tourist Shuttle
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The Taiwan Tourist Shuttle service, is designed for convenient travel. From the major attractions, Taiwan train station, High Speed Rail stations, the shuttles take passengers to the main tourist attractions in Taiwan. It is the most suitable travel method for people without a car.
Muzha Pingxi Shuttle Bus
One of ""Taiwan Tourist Shuttle’s Muzha Pingxi Shuttle Bus Lines"" departs from Shifen Visitor Center and is perfect for a one-day “happy trip” to Pingxi. It takes you to places such as Shifen Old Street, with its unique railroad scene, and Jingtong Station, a wood-built train station in the Japanese style – as well as Shenkeng Old Street, where one may sample a tempting variety of tofu gourmet snacks. This route lets you witness one-of-a-kind railroad locales, historical buildings with their old bricks and tiles, traditional terrace houses, and fascinating wonders of nature. Start traveling now with the Muzha Pingxi Shuttle Bus!
Muzha Pingxi Shuttle Bus-The Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Service Web Site
Crown Northern Coast Line
""Taiwan Tourist Shuttle’s Crown Northern Coast Line"" departs from MRT Tamsui Station and takes you to Yehliu Geopark (a world wonder), and Guihou Fishing Harbor, which is near the Green Bay Beach (Feicuiwan). This route also features Jiatouli (a renowned hot spring area), Baisha Bay (famed for its breathtaking ocean view), Juming Museum (Taiwan’s largest outdoor museum), Yun Garden (resting place of Teresa Teng, nicknamed “all-time army sweetheart”), Jinshan Old Street (Northern Coast’s last remaining street dating from the Qing dynasty), etc. Along this route, you’ll delight in blue sky and ocean, a golden beach, an enchanting sunrise, a natural “classroom” for geology, and a series of blue-and-white houses. Start traveling now with the Crown Northern Coast Line!
Crown Northern Coast Line-The Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Service Web Site
Gold Fulong Shuttle Bus
Launched in 2011, ""Taiwan Tourist Shuttle’s Gold Fulong Shuttle Bus"" serves the Northeast Coast area. It brings you to Jiufen (a most beloved mountain village), Jinguashi, Longdong Bay, Fulong Beach, and other attractions. This is a route for sunshine, azure ocean view, windsurfing, Japanese nostalgia, and mining-town enchantment. Start traveling now with the Gold Fulong Shuttle Bus!
Gold Fulong Shuttle Bus-The Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Service Web Site