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Taxis in New Taipei City are the same as those in other cities in Taiwan. Passengers can call them to stop if available. There might be a taxi stand in locations having more crowds. The taxi fare in most parts of New Taipei City is generally the same, except for Tamsui, Ruifang and Wulai. The minimum charge is NTD70 with a minimum mileage of 1.25 km. An extra NTD5 is charged for every 200 meters. Taxis with a symbol of Easy Card can be paid with a Easy Card. Some taxis also accept credit cards.
The convenience of taxi services in Taiwan makes it one of the best in the world. We have a great number of taxis and you can call them to stop if you see one available, which is very convenient. All taxis are of yellow color with a sign "Taxi" or "Rental Taxi" on the front. The minimum charge is NTD70, which is quite cheap as one taxi can take 4 people. In addition, you can get a taxi through a radio cab service.
There are 16 radio taxi operators in New Taipei City, please call the New Taipei City service hotline if you have any questions. Within New Taipei City.
Taxi Fare in New Taipei City
Except for Tamsui, Ruifang and Wulai areas
Starting Fare Continuous Fare Arrearage Time Nighttime Surcharge Chinese New Year Holidays Fare Rate
NTD70 for 1.25km  NTD5 per 200m  Car speed is under 5km/hr, NT5 per accumulated 1 min. 20 sec.  From 11 pm to 6 am, an extra NTD20 is charged per trip.  Two days before Chinese New Year Eve to the end of the Chinese New Year holidays, the fare calculated at nighttime has a surcharge rate for the whole day (that is, an extra NTD20 is charged as the nighttime rate per trip). At nighttime, an extra NTD20 is charged per trip (that is, an extra NTD40 is charged as the nighttime rate per trip). 
Danshui District
Charged with an additional $30 per day according to the regular tariff of New Taipei City
Billing device New tariff New tariff during transition Old tariff
Tariff receivable  The tariff that the new device shows ($30 is built-in in the parameter)  The tariff that the billing device shows + (in a comparison chart) the old tariff +$30.  The tariff that the billing device shows + $30. 
Taxi Fare in Ruifang Area
Route Fare(NTD) New Year Daytime(NTD) New Year Night(NTD)
Rueifang Station - Jiufen  205  245  265 
Rueifang Station - Jinguashin  270  320  340 
Rueifang Station - Shihfenliao  545  650  670 
Rueifang Station - Shuangsi  680  815  835 
Taxi Fare for Wulai Area
Route Fare(NTD) New Year Daytime(NTD) New Year Night(NTD)
Wulai Scenic Area Trolley Station of Lansheng Bridge - Cable Car Station  270  320  340 
Wulai Scenic Area Trolley Station of Lansheng Bridge - Neidong National Forest Recreation Area  410  490  510 
Wulai Scenic Area Trolley Station of Lansheng Bridge - Xindian MRT Station  680  815  835 
Taxi Transportation Service Companies listed by names with phone numbers
Taxi Companies TEL
Metro Taxi Co., Ltd.  886-2-449-9855 / Mobile 55178  
Dafeng Transporation Co., Ltd.  886-2-2918-3000 / Mobile 55100  
Tianlan Transportation Co., Ltd.  886-2-2956-6666  
Yongxin Automobile Transportation Co., Ltd.  886-2-8243-2222  
Hongren Transportation Co., Ltd.   886-2-2805-7777  
Asia Pacific Transportation Co., Ltd.  886-2-412-8333  
Banshen Taxi Transportation Co., Ltd.  886-2-8243-2222  
Crown GPS Taxi Co., Ltd.  886-2-2791-6000  
Xianghe Transportation Co., Ltd.  886-2-2219-3333  
Taiwan Metro Taxi Co., Ltd.  886-2-449-9855  
New Taipei City barrier-free taxi companies listed by names and phone numbers
Taxi Companies TEL
Crown Taxi  02-4128-333 / Mobile 5510  
Taiwan Taxi  02-4058-8888 / Mobile 55688  
Taiwan Metro Taxi  02-4499-178/ Mobile 55178  
Dafeng Satellite Fleet Taxi  02-2918-3000/ Mobile 55100  
Name and TEL of Radio Cab Service in New Taipei City
Radio Cab Service TEL
Tafong I radio cab service  02-2918-3000 
Tafong II radio cab service  02-2918-3000 
Gonghui radio cab service  02-8959-6699  
Daqian radio cab service  02-2219-2626  
Jingguan radio cab service  02-2918-8111  
Yijiao radio cab service  02-2910-1111  
Hecheng radio cab service  02-2996-8899  
Tienlan radio cab service  02-2956-6066  
Zhongtai radio cab service  02-2221-8000  
Hongren radio cab service  02-2805-7777  
Qinglong II radio cab service  02-2299-6677  
Jieyun II radio cab service  02-2981-9900  
Xianghe radio cab service  02-2219-3333  
Daxian radio cab service  02-8243-3000  
Longmei radio cab service  02-2626-0000 
Lianhua radio cab service  02-8243-2222 
Taxi fare
All taxi service in Taipei charges by meter and the minimum charge is NT70. The rate is a minimum charge plus NTD5 for every 250 meters traveled and another NTD5 for waiting for over 1 minute and 40 seconds. Passengers taking taxis from 23:00 to 6:00 will be charged at the nighttime rate, that is, NT20 extra on the original fare. During Chinese New Year, passengers taking taxis during the day are surcharged at the nighttime rate, and an extra NTD20 is charged as the nighttime rate per trip. Although passengers should pay NTD10 for using the trunk, most taxi drivers do not collect this fee.
English-speaking Taxi Drivers
These drivers have passed an English qualification exam set by the Government. In addition to English, these taxi drivers can also speak Japanese. For more information, please dial the special hotline of Information for Foreigners: 0800-024-111(toll-free number 24 hours a day with English, Chinese and Japanese services).
Languages Service time
Chinese, English, Japanese  24 hours, all year round. 
Vietnamese  Mon. to Fri. (excluding national holidays and other holidays), 09:00~17:00. 
Indonesian, Thai, Cambodian  Mon. to Fri. (excluding national holidays and other holidays), 13:00~17:00. 
Tourist Taxi
Tourist Taxi is promoted by EZTravel, selecting 100 taxi drivers with cabs in good condition for 36 routes in 8 cities around Taiwan. A cab can take one to four passengers. Enthusiastic taxi drivers who are familiar with local culture can take you to popular tourist destinations in northern, middle, southern or eastern Taiwan. You can feel relaxed to visit popular spots and experience local customs and cuisine. You can dial 55678 with a mobile phone or make local calls at 4066-6777(please dial 02 before the local number when you are in Miaoli, Jinmen or Taidong). The landmark architecture in Taipei, hot springs towns, old streets, natural scenic spots, aboriginal cultural heritage and historic sites are all showing you their charms and waiting for your visit.
For more information, please logon to: http://www.eztravel.com.tw/event/taxi/
Taiwan Taxi Traree and Toarism Association
“Taiwan Taxi Traree and Toarism Association “is a national judicial person certified by the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Tai-Nei-Tuan No. 1030312739). This association is in charge of promoting the tourism, culture and local delicacies of Taiwan. It also cooperates intensively with hotels in Taiwan and all district governments. This association connects all the tourist taxis from northern, central, southern and eastern Taiwan to provide high-quality service to the citizens and foreign visitors alike. The association seeks to contribute to Taiwan, our beautiful homeland and spares no effort in making taxi tourism more elegant and warmer. In order for your trip to be full of pleasant surprises, this association values the three following basic philosophies of serving customers: the quality of the drivers, cultural sites, and authentic local delicacies. For more details, please refer to the official website.
Contact person Line ID Wechat ID Contact number for reservation (Taiwan) Contact number for reservation (Abroad)
Huang Wen-chang  601652  Hang165252  0989-975858  +886-989-975858