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Currency.Foreign Exchange
1. Taiwan uses the New Taiwan Dollar as its currency with the unit of Yuan. The currency code is TWD. Common abbreviations are NT$ or NTD. NTD has bills and coins. The bills are in denominations of 100, 200, 500, 1000 and 2000. Coins are in 1, 5, 10, 20 and 50. NTD20 coins as well as NTD200 and NTD2000 bills are less common. Decimal fractions over half of commodity price is usually rounded up.

2. The Easy Card can be used to take metro, bus, trains, coach buses, taxis and ferries. The card can also be used as a cash card for a single transaction under NTD1,000 and total purchases under NTD3,000 on the same day. The card can hold up to NTD10,000 and you can add value in all convenience stores and Taipei Metro stations. You can use an Easy Card for payment in over 12,000 designated retailers, including convenience stores, supermarkets, restaurants, fast food stores, drink stores, bookstores, and drug stores. The use of an Easy
Card can save you from taking cash everywhere and keeping change. Easy Card is indeed a great payment tool for all kinds of activities.

3. Credit card payment is common in Taiwan
Credit Card Type Emergency TEL
Visa :0080-1-444-123  
American Express:886-2-2100-1266

4. Traveler's Checks
If you are concerned that you may not be able to find an ATM providing cross-border withdrawal service or you do not want to bring much cash with you or incur surcharges and unfavorable exchange rate for credit card payments, you can use traveler's checks. The check can be cashed into NTD in banks, foreign exchange counters and hotels. You can also use them as cash for payment in stores accepting traveler's checks. In Taiwan, the use of traveler's check is less common than cash and credit cards. However, its advantage is that traveler's check can be replaced with purchase receipt in the case of loss.
Foreign Exchange
You can change money at foreign exchange counters in airports, foreign exchange banks and international hotels. Remember to keep the receipt, for you have to present it when you change the NTD to another currency before you leave Taiwan. Some post offices and department stores also provide foreign exchange service for Euro, USD, Japanese Yen and RMB.
Currency exchange service of Chunghwa Post
The circulating currency of Taiwan (R.O.C.) is the New Taiwan Dollar (NT$):
The denomination of the New Taiwan Dollar notes includes "2000 dollars", "1000 dollars", "500 dollars", "200 dollars" and "100 dollars".
The denomination of New Taiwan Dollar coins include "50 dollars", "20 dollars", "10 dollars", "5 dollars" and "1 dollar".

Currency exchange service is available at designated foreign exchange banks or international tourist hotels. It is advised to properly keep receipts of the exchange; to exchange back your remaining New Taiwan Dollars before departing Taiwan, you must provide these receipts.

※For more information about the banknotes of New Taiwan Dollar, please refer to the official website of theCentral Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan). http://www.cbc.gov.tw/mp.asp?mp=2
theCentral Bank of the Republic
Opening hours: 09:00~15:30 from Monday to Friday. Closed on weekends and national holidays.