NTPC Travel
New Taipei City is rich in tourism resources. In order to integrate resources from both public and private sectors, the city government spared no effort to promote the development and construction of tourism hardware and software, enhance the level of tourism unit, and establish a tourism bureau, which was officially opened to the public on October 1, 2007.

NTPC Travel is looking to aggressively reorganize its tourist facilities, promote sightseeing tours and a variety of flagship development plans including the launch of water recreational activities, development plans of crown coastline, underground coalmine park, and Wulai hot spring, as well as the renovation of popular scenic areas’ facilities. In terms of software, it aims to design a variety of in-depth packages and promote a series of promotional events such as sky lantern and rock festivals. NTPC Travel wishes to promote its tourism resources, introduce the unique charm as well as features of the city to tourists, and promote the vitality of local economics through large-scaled events, and furthermore, to fulfill its mission of creating “Happiness, Beauty, Big Taipei”.