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AddressZhōngShān Rd, Sansia District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 237
Opening 11:00~14:00、17:00~21:00 cloesd on Tue.
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Fair Price, Great Taste ,Papa’s Caring Love Square tables, long benches, old-fashioned Meinong paper umbrella, and authentic Hakka folk songs, all bring back the nostalgia of a traditional Hakka village. In the past, Hakka dishes were famed for their saltiness, aroma and fatness, this is in contrary to the modern macrobiotics concept. The chef and owner of Papa’s diner, A Quan Shi, specializes in cooking remarkable Hakka dishes that combine traditional spirit with contemporary macrobiotics concepts. The Papa old-fashioned dish is prepared by stewing 26 types of ingredients together; the process is extremely complex and involved. The pickled cabbage with simmered fish is an innovative traditional dish that is unique in flavor.