Yeh’s Wonton Restaurant

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Address177 Zhongzheng Road, Tamsui District, New Taipei City
OpeningMon. - Fri.10:00-20:30(14:00-16:30 closed) Weekend 10:00-20:30
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Jay Chou’s Favorite WontonThere is a restaurant in Tamsui that offers a vermicelli dish that is famous throughout China and Hong Kong — the "Jay Chou Set". This is Yeh’s Wonton Restaurant, famous for the thin layer and rich fillings of wontons served with omelet strips, laver and other veggies. The soup is refreshing, and the set comes with a tender marinated fried drumstick. No wonder Jay Chou always orders these two dishes when he comes here. After the meal, you can try the store’s special dessert “Ice Lychee with Sweet Olive”, a great dessert to get rid of the heat.