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Gongliao Shopping Mall

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AddressAodi, Gongliao District, New Taipei City
OpeningBusiness hours of each stall is different, please inquire in advance
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The marine resource in Aodi is so rich that the fishermen can catch all kinds of species from the sea by different seasons. To name a few, there are skipjacks, Japanese anchovy, nibblers, brassy chubs, rabbit fish, as well as agar and seaweed, etc. The local residents use these freshest ingredients to make delicious homemade cooks. With the completion of the coastal highway that brings heavy traffic to this little harbor, it is natural that Aodi becomes the fish market hub. And the seafood restaurants run by the local people have opened one after another and formed a “seafood street” along the highway eventually. The competition is so keen that they continuously develop their secret recipes for the gourmets. So if you like to taste real authentic fresh seafood, Aodi would be the place to satisfy you.