Nanshihjiao Taiwan Chilled Doufu

Zhonghe Taiwanese Food

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AddressAlley 20, Lane 418, Jingxin Street, Zhonghe City, Taipei County
Opening16:30-00:00 closed on Wed.


There is a stand that sells chilled doufu (bean curd) half-way in the night market. The purveyor is good with people and her shop selling the sweet desert has been open for many years. All the usual toppingshave been boiled and are ready to eat, but the most commonly ordered treats are peanut and mung bean. In the scorching heat of summer, you can have a bowl of mung bean this refreshing treat that just slides down the throat. She also sells noodles made from bean or sweet potato that are spongy that can be set on the doufu for additional flavor and texture.