Gaosyong (Kaohsiung) Black Wagon Wheels

Yonghe Taiwanese Food

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AddressNo.16, Jhongsing St., Yonghe Dist., New Taipei City 23445, Taiwan
OpeningThe store opens at 16:30 for cooking, hot food is available after 18:00, and the store closes at about 12 in the morning.
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Black Wagon Wheels refers to a type of Taiwanese snack stand that carries a variety of steamed, boiled and grilled vegetables and meats. Among them are stuffed cabbage, black wagon wheels, and other kinds of boiled tempura-like vegetables just waiting there to tease the hunger of every customer to buy. The broth is made from shaved fish and large pieces of a large white carrot-like radish. The Black Wagon Wheels are dipped in a soy sauce prepared by the owner.