Bitou A-zhu Seafood Old Restaurant

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AddressNo. 115 Bitou Road, Ruifang District, New Taipei City
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When driving towards Fulong or Yilan along the Coastal Highway, visors will see a huge signboard reading "Bitou A-zhu Seafood Old Restaurant" before entering the Bitou Cape Tunnel. This restaurant founded in 1986 is very famous among connoisseurs. Like ordinary hot-dish and seafood restaurants, the restaurant has a large laddered aquarium at the entrance where customers can select live seafood for the restaurant to cook. It is different from those restaurants because it is located by the Bitou Fishing Harbor. Accordingly, the seafood swimming in the aquarium may be bought by the owner's wife in early morning from the fishing harbor. Therefore, it is absolutely fresh from Northeast Coast! According to Meizhu, the owner's wife, many customers are connoisseurs, some are hikers rewarding themselves after finishing Bitou Geological Trial nearby, some travel to Bitou Cape to fulfill their greed for food, and some are seafood traders. Consequently, the food quality of the restaurant is understood.According to Meizhu, before they opened this restaurant in Bitou Cape, her husband's family had a stall in Dihua Street. He was a restaurant apprentice when he was in junior high school. Later on, he passed the Grade B Cook License examination.