Hot Oil Mochi

Rueifang Taiwanese Food

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AddressRuifang Dist., New Taipei City (No. 44 Store in Food Street)
Opening9:00 - 20:00


40 years ago, Grandpa Mochi was not as old as now, so everyone in Rui Fang called him "Uncle Mochi". It was then that Uncle Mochi started his little hot oil mochi store, painstakingly selling the same dish. His mochi warmed the stomachs of many Rui Fang people; they also warmed many Rui Fang people's memories. After 40 years, Uncle Mochi became Grandpa Mochi but his smiles still linger alongside his mochi pot. What is different now is that customers no longer need to queue up underneath the sun, rain or cold. Grandpa Mochi now has a proper shop located inside the Food Street, spreading the sweet fragrance of the mochi all around the area.Even though Uncle Mochi is now Grandpa Mochi but people in Rui Fang still call him Uncle Mochi. He started selling mochi in 1963, so until now, he has been selling mochi for 48 years. In the early days, Uncle Mochi stood by the side of his stall, making mochi and safeguarding his stall at the same time. Later, when Rui Fang had a Food Street, the clever Uncle Mochi decided to procure a proper storefront at No. 44. The daughter-in-law who took over the business added two new dishes- shaved ice and hot porridge, to provide customers will more choices when seasons change. But the taste of the mochi is still the same.