Hereditary A-Mang’s Sweet Taro Balls

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AddressNo. 41-2, Jishan St., Ruifang Dist., New Taipei City 224, Taiwan
Opening13:00~ 20:00


Not far from the entrance of Jishan Old Street (Jiudaokou) is a small signs which says "Hereditary A-Mang's Sweet Taro Balls". This tiny shop, which seats only about a dozen, played a major role in how the sweet taro ball came to be known as a renowned Jiufen snack.Hereditary A-Mang's Sweet Taro Balls is one of the three oldest sweet taro ball shops in Jiufen. The other two are Grandma Lai's Sweet Taro Ball and Auntie A-Gan's Sweet Taro Balls. Jian, Jing-lin is currently the third generation owner of Hereditary A-Mang Sweet Taro Balls. He took over the business from his mother Jian Lan, A-man, a renowned sweet taro ball maker in the Jiufen region.In his mother's youth, sweet taro balls did not exist in Jiufen at the time. His grandfather attempted to sell sweet taro balls, which he created by steaming taro, pounding the taro, then adding tapioca powder and selling the mixture in ball form. As business gradually grew, others like Grandma Lai and Auntie A-Gan opened up shop too, making them the three most famous sweet taro ball shops in Jiufen.Both the ratio of ingredients and skill involved are vital when making chewy sweet taro balls. If there is too much taro, the balls will seem excessively soft. If there is too little, the balls will be overly hard. Generally, the ideal ratio between taro and tapioca powder is 6 to 4. Of course, there is a lot of skill involved in cooking, mixing, and shaping the taro.With three generations of history, Hereditary A-Mang's Sweet Taro Balls is an old store that has always adhered to the most traditional and authentic production methods. They choose only the best ingredients and refrain from adding any fragrances or additives. Their products include a range of handmade sweet taro balls, sweet potato balls, green bean balls, green tea balls and more. The green tea balls are especially popular, but the store still comes up with innovative flavors all the time.