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AddressNo.146, Jishan St., Ruifang Dist., New Taipei City 224, Taiwan
Opening09:00 - 19:00(May close the store early on weekdays)


Recommended ProductsAlishan High-Mountain Tea, Handmade NougatA few steps from the intersection of Shuqi Road and Jishan Street, there is a log signboard reading (Yao Mei A Li Shan Wu Long Cha), Jiufen Yaomei Agricultural Product Shop. When turning to the other side of the signborad, a small aluminum doorplate from grandpa's time is spotted. The address on the plate puzzles anyone who sees it: 218 Lake Fenqi. It is a shop in Jiufen, how come a doorplate for Lake Fenqi in Chiayi appears in this place?The answer is, Mr. Liu Chunwei, the owner of the shop, was a tea farmer born on Alishan in Chiayi, and this is the doorplate of his old home. He is so proud when he shows us his ID card indicating that his household registration is still in Chiayi. The shop's name "Yaomei" (the youngest sister) suggests that it is a branch of the head store in Chiayi. The Lius began growing tea in Lake Fenqi in his father's generation, and Liu is the second generation. Although Liu saw how his father grew and roasted tea with his own hands and acquired the secrets of these skills, young people have dreams, so he also sold clothes, shoes, and leather accessories. However, one day he heard the call that he had the responsibility to promote high-quality agricultural products in his hometown. Coincidently, his aunt had a house in Jiufen, so he decided to sell Alishan tea by means of "direct from the farm" seven years ago.In order to save some bugs from interior decorations and to make the store special, Liu and his wife decided to design and make the wall, product shelves, and even the furniture of the shop. After some time thinking, they decided to use the old doorplate with a history of more than 50 years as a decoration. This doorplate thus became a low-profile shining point of the shop.Liu said proudly that he is probably the only tea seller in Jiufen selling self-grown Alishan tea. The Shizhao Dew Tea named by Mr. Hsieh Tungmin is the favorite of Japanese visitors.