Jiufen Zheng’s Traditional Fishballs

Rueifang Taiwanese Food

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AddressNo.25, Jishan St., Rueifang Dist., New Taipei City 22448, Taiwan
Opening10:00 ~ 19:30
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Recommended Productstraditional fishball, cuttlefish ball, Fuzhou ball, braised pork rice, specialty dry noodlesZheng's Traditional Fishballs is located in the first half of Jishan Old Street, and has been established for more than a decade. The name of this restaurant demonstrates its confidence in their brand and quality. Their biggest specialty is their handmade traditional fishball. Their traditional fishballs are made with a mixture of components like fish paste, pork, fried shallot, carrots, and celery. Their Fuzhou ball is also an extremely popular dish as it is full of meat stuffing and delightful soup. Be sure that you do not attempt to eat the entire ball in one bite, as the hot soup inside might end up burning your mouth. It is recommended that you bite an opening into the ball first, then slowly savor the exquisite taste of the handmade meatball once the soup seeps out or cools down a bit.Zheng's Traditional Fishballs also sells a variety of side dishes. Visitors will often order a rich, wholesome meal consisting of bowl of fishball soup, a bowl of traditional braised pork rice or specialty dry noodles, and some side dishes. Since the restaurant's name contains the word "traditional", it comes as no surprise that the restaurant was designed in a retro style. The chairs, tables, walls, and menus on the wall are all constructed out of wood. Most of the staff at Zheng's Traditional Fishballs are related to each other, with members spanning all three generations. The image of a whole family working around a round table adds a traditional sense of Taiwanese passion and warmth to the restaurant while further emphasizing their friendly service.Zheng's Traditional Fishballs is always filled to the brink with customers during mealtimes, with the line being especially long on weekends. The recommendation is to avoid peak noontime hours so that you can truly enjoy the traditional style environment and snacks the shop offers.