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AddressNo. 4-3, Jishan St., Ruifang Dist., New Taipei City
OpeningMon-Fri 08:30 - 19:00 Sat-Sun 08:30 - 20:00
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Recommended Productshandmade sweet taro ball, ginger tea sweet taro ball, mountain yam sweet taro ball, green tea sweet taro ballThere is a prominent yellow signboard which reads "Old Friends Sweet Taro Balls" not far from the entrance of Jishan Old Street (Jiudaoko), approximately 20 meters to the right.The Old Friends Sweet Taro Ball was founded in 1990. The original owners were Lin, Rong-ji and Xia, A-mei. As Xia made fantastically good snacks such as cookies, buns, cake, sweet taro balls, radish cake and steamed mugwort buns, her neighbors constantly complimented her on the quality of these snacks. With the encouragement of her neighbors and the boom of the Jiufen Old Street business district, they decided to close their rice shop in 1990 and found a shop selling sweet taro balls. Initially, they sold soup dumplings, horse hooves, and other snacks in addition to their sweet taro and sweet potato balls. As they sold more and more sweet taro balls, they ran out of time to prepare the other snacks and became a sweet taro ball specialty store that mainly offers sweet taro and sweet potato balls. With the hope of befriending all who visit the store, they named it the "Old Friends".All the sweet taro balls sold at the Old Friends are made fresh daily, with top quality ingredients. Absolutely no artificial flavorings or preservatives are added to these chewy, smooth sweet taro balls that are not overly sweet, making this shop one of the most well known in the Jiufen region. Old Friends also offers a variety of condiments that the owner has cooked up with carefully selected local Taiwanese ingredients.The owner will greet you passionately with a friendly smile as you enjoy some of the most authentic sweet taro ball soup in this spacious store. Sometimes, the owner will even tell tales of Jiufen, adding further to the charm of this mountain settlement that has gone through multiple rises and falls.