The Puppet Master Restaurant

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AddressNo. 13 Shuqi Road, Ruifang District, New Taipei City
Opening10:30 - 21:00
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The Puppet Master Restaurant located between Qingbian Road and Jishan Street has a very antique interior design and appearance. It is the first restaurant people meet when walking down Jishan Street. The restaurant was formerly called the Jinfangyuan Teahouse. Besides selling snacks, it was also a guesthouse. It was renamed after the film, The Puppet Master, was shot in Jiufen by director Hou Hsiaohsien. After that it was taken over by the present owner Lin Zhitong. Therefore, it is not difficult to imagine the connection between the restaurant's interior design and the film.Walking into this 5-storey restaurant, a strong antique or vintage flavor immediately comes to mind: red brick walls, bamboo and wooden tables and chairs, old hand-drawn film posters, old bamboo baskets, old trademarks, etc; every piece calls forth a scene reminiscent of the 1950s.According to Lin, he deliberately creates a vintage theatrical and cultural space with natural construction materials. Therefore, besides the old hand-drawn film posters, there are masks of Beijing opera facial makeup, news reports and stage photos of foreign film stars. In fact, all "old stuff" did not come easily. They are the long-term collections of Lin, such as the old ice shaving machine, old black telephone, old record player, old records, and radio. Therefore, the entire space is like a mini museum of vintage items.Besides the extremely stylish interior design and decorations, Lin is very proud of the sea view from the restaurant.