Dong Dao Diner Pavilion - Stewed Tender Pork Knuckles with Peanuts

Sanxia Taiwanese Food

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AddressNo. 7 Renai Street; Sanxia District, New Taipei City
OpeningWeekday 11:00-20:00 Weekend 11:00-21:00 closed on Tue.


At the Dong Dao Diner Pavilion, located near the entrance to Sanxia Old Street, one of the best dishes is the stewed tender pork knuckles with peanuts. For NT$80 a serving you can eat abundant pieces of meat that combine a chewy outer skin with a tender inside. The dish has abundant gelatinous skin collagen and peanuts that are soft but not soggy, and it goes well with the restaurant’s pork dishes, which contain springy meat that is full of bite. Besides being able to order a pork dish, extra hungry diners may want to opt for the pork knuckle lunch box. Whether it is locals or tourists, everyone who visits praises the quality of this food for the masses. When you come on a trip to Sanxia Old Street, it is definitely worth having a bite of the stewed tender pork knuckles with peanuts. It is a taste you will not forget.