Hengxi Q Meatballs

Sanxia Taiwanese Food

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AddressNo. 193 Minsheng Street; Sanxia District, New Taipei City
Opening"09:30~19:00 or 20:00( If sold out early, close the store early)"


Sanxia is a town with a main street feel. As you leave the Sanxia Old Street area where most tourists gather, surrounding it are still many food stalls and eateries waiting for visitors to come have a taste. One of the best is Hengxi Q Meatballs, located on Minsheng Street. Its namesake dish features an outer skin that is chewy while its lean-meat filling has a stark aroma. Bamboo shoots add extra flavor to the meatballs, which go superbly with the accompanying lean meat chunks and the house’s specialty sauce. Hungry early morning visitors who come to the market to buy groceries only need one bowl of these hearty, rustic meatballs to fill their appetite.