Shijiang Wenzhou Wontons

Sanxia Taiwanese Food

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AddressNo. 58 Wenhua Road; Sanxia District, New Taipei City
Opening10:40 - 22:00
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Stalls and small restaurants serving many of Taiwan’s favorite snacks have converged around Sanxia Old Street, meaning you can find almost anything you desire, including beloved wontons. Shijiang Wenzhou Wontons is located on Wenhua Road and serves affordable wontons that are about half the size of a fist. Only top ingredients are used so when you bite in, you get a huge taste of meat. The skin of the wonton is soft while the filling is hearty and sweet juicy. They go well with the soup, which adds a light, aromatic flavor, and the texture completes the dish! The best time of year to eat these wontons is when it is a bit cool outside. Their mouthwatering flavor is not easily forgotten, so once you have your first bowl, you will want to keep coming back for more.