Fuchang Shop(Tea Leaf pork meatball Soup)

Pinglin Taiwanese Food

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AddressNo.18, Pinglin St., Pinglin Dist., New Taipei City
Opening08:00 - 22:00
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Another Pinglin specialty is tea leaf pork meatball soup. First, the tea leaves used areis selected and grounded into a fine powder, then it is added to top quality minced pork. Aficionados say the two ingredients make a perfect pair. The finished tea leaf pork meatballs have a unique texture that is crispy and springy, and the taste is more refreshing and less oily than traditional pork meatballs. The best part is when you bite in and the tea flavor fills your mouth. They go great with celery and each restaurant has its own soup base that leaves an excellent flavor in the mouth. Careful, the taste can be addicting!